Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New beginnings

Well, after all of the stuffing, packing, taping and more stuffing-- we finally call a new place our home. We moved from our TINY tiny tiny two-bedroom apartment with no backyard/garage/closet space... into our beautiful, HUGE, four-bedroom house with a huge backyard, garage with two garage doors, dog run, boat parking and two white horses. Yes, we are neighbors to two white horses that we've named "Honey" and "Sweetie," courtesy of my girls and my mom.

It is beautiful and such a blessing. I still cannot believe that we are homeowners.

The kitchen is unpacked, the playroom (yes, playroom- the girls have a room JUST for their toys!), girls' room and our room have all been unpacked. What's left to unpack are the boxes of closet stuff that I forgot about. Wrapping paper that will actually have a place in our office/den in our built-in desk in our room. Harley accessories that will know call the garage their home. Brooms and a new vaccum in the broom closet. And the girls brand-new trampoline in the backyard.

I mean as I type these things- I still can't believe it!!!

Our house is beautiful and we love it. The girls love it. And the number one that I was most concerned about, was their sleep. How sleep affects children- as a parent, you know what I'm talking about. If they don't get sleep or their normal daily naps- they are "toddmonsters." (That's my made-up word.) Ava had a rough patch in the middle of the night on our first night, but since then they've slept through the night, unless it's a potty break or they hear the train noise from afar.

For the update on my packing dilemma=great advice from my friend, Brandy. The color coding thing worked like a champ! I knew which colors meant what, even if I had to think for a second what the heck "pink+orange" meant (girl's closet). I did not use her handy way of listing what was in the boxes, I just wrote a general recap in a word or two what was actually in the box. Though towards the end of packing (which was the day-of...) I just wrote what room the box went into. Can't thank her enough!!!

My favorite is to hear from Ava: "I don't want to go home. I want to go to the new house."

Now I don't know how to post a video from FB, but here's a video of the girls JUMMPPPPINGGG!!!

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  1. I'm so glad the packing tip worked!! Your House is beautiful, and I can't believe there are horses next door! The girls are going to have a fabulous childhood! Horses and trampolines... what more could two girls ask for?? I am sooooo happy for you guys. Whens the house warming party? Madison wants to come jump and meet these horses. _Brandy