Friday, May 6, 2011

Ava sayings

My husband takes the girls to Super Franks which is an indoor-child's dream world. Bounce houses, slides, bikes, play kitchen, balls, circle times, crayons, etc.

Well, a bully little girl was bugging Emma and wouldn't leave her alone. She went to pick Emma up and this is how Ava proves her big sister status:

"Put down my sister Emma!"
(pushes little girl and divides Emma away from the girl)
(with her hand palmed faced out)
"STOP! Leave my Emma alone!!!"

No exaggeration here. Seriously. This is a perk of having kids so close together. The oldest one that is not even two yet, is sticking up for her almost two-year-old sister.


  1. Oh, I love sibling love...isn't it neat to think they'll always have eachother? :)

  2. Yes it is!!! Best gift ever .. we could of given them. :)