Monday, May 16, 2011

Very random post day

It's been a day! I thought I'd have a wonderful post today, but I don't. My mom was admitted to the hospital today and is staying overnight. I'm a mess. But she's gunna be okay.

I think as a mom, you are wired with enormous strength, strength that you sometimes forget about. And today, I forgot how strong I am until the clock stroke 8 p.m. and the girls were done and I was done. They were angels all day for what the day entailed.

Oh and please vote for my partner in crime for blog-a-day this month, Ami at The Best Things in Life are Three for Circle of Mom's Top 25 Parents with Multiples. The triples' cuteness qualifies, as well as her great sense of humor! Now go, go and vote!


  1. Thinking about your mom! Hoping she's okay! You're right..sometimes you don't realize your own strength until you really need it. You're one terrific mom!

  2. Thank you, Ami! Your support and comment mean so much. :) I think you are a pretty awesome mom, yourself.