Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I have great and exciting news. I am trading in my SAHM shoes for working mama shoes!

I have been offered a position with a medical organization that I have been trying to get into for ten years! To say I'm excited, is a big, fat understatement. ;)

I became a SAHM in January because my previous employer changed their company policy in regard to medical insurance benefits (which affected me negatively). It has been a big gift to stay-at-home with my girls and I'm ever so grateful to my husband for allowing me to do so (working harder and more).

And it's time. The girls need preschool and new friends. They need a good, structured environment, and I'm ready for some adult conversation!

So as you can imagine we have been touring, hunting, and interviewing different local preschools. Which has been fun, yet hard. Ava has been exploring each new school and Emma sticks by my side. It's a huge adjustment for everyone, but it is time.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ack! Happy October!

It's been a while!!!

Happy October and happy fall, my fellow blogger friends!

I won't complain how life has thrown us curveballs or how insane it has been. But I will leave you with a pumpkin patch photo. :)

My husband took the girls to a great pumpkin patch an hour away. It has a corn maze, tons of pumpkins from their own fields, train rides, a scarecrow contest and ride, and much more! I love going every year, but couldn't make it since I attended a burial service for my dear cousin.

Are you ready for Halloween?! What are your kids going to be??

Ava is going to be Silvermist, the blue fairy from Tinkerbell's crew ($10 score at Target!) and Emma is going to be Strawberry Shortcake again.