Monday, May 23, 2011

Get your 'big girl' panties on

So the last package of diapers has been emptied into the basket on the changing table. And the fresh new box of pull-ups have been purchased. It's time to get Emma potty trained. I swear I could of trained her months ago, but I didn't think she was really 'ready-ready' and I wanted to hold onto my last baby for just a little while more.

But I am so proud!!! She will pee in the potty and poop in the potty! Not all of the time, but when given the chance she does it and does it well. She knows the drill. You get candy and a sticker after you pee or poop in the potty!

But mama knows better than to be dishing candy out here and there... before the 'real' training begins. I've had to stop offering it because Miss Ava will just go pee and then have to pee a minute after consuming her leftover Easter jelly beans.

So to encourage her and to encourage Ava to help with the training, the daily candy will resume and the stickers on the cool Sesame Street chart will start! (Can't wait..... NOT!) ;)

So best wishes are asked for a smooth potty training experience with Miss Emma ... which we will slowly move into once we are settled into our new house. We'll start with the pull-ups for now and get her used to the idea of being a 'big girl.' She's going to do great!!!

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  1. Oh how I love/hate the potty training...such a big step...but so time consuming! :) And messy at times...and frustrating...but what a huge accomplishment when they get it down! Good luck!