Thursday, May 12, 2011


Ava is convinced that her birthday is in two months. How she knows how long a month is, I have no idea! And how she thinks it's two months away... she's gunna be disappointed! It's three months away and I can't wait to get settled into our house and start planning their joint birthday party in our new house!

Ideas? Well, for as long as I can get away with it-- we're gunna stick with the princess theme. Maybe not full blown Disney Princesses, but a generic princess theme. My cousin set the bar VERY high when it comes to little toddlers birthday parties and hired a real princess to come and do a magic show, facepainting and made balloon animals.
Awesome, huh??
And I have to follow in her footsteps!!! These girls share their birthday and will always have a joint party, so we have one shot, once a year!

We've been very fortunate to have had Ava's 1st birthday (a month after Emma was born) and the girls 1st and 2nd birthday parties at my parents house. So I know about all of the organizing, party planning, food, entertainment (has been swimming). But how do you factor in the cleaning and what timing is your rule of thumb? Late morning? Late afternoon? Noon? (Taking into account.. these girls are toddlers and still take naps, as the rest of their crew still does too!)

Thanks for your advice.. I'm looking forward to it!


  1. Uh. A real princess at a party?? Hello, coolest mom on the planet! I'll have to remember that one!

  2. Yes and she was wonderful! In character the WHOLE ENTIRE time-- even in e-mails. It was awesome!!!!

  3. plan the party for when the girls are most happy... It will be the same time that their friends are most happy as well! If you give enough notice people will work it into their schedules. Madison had 2 princess parties.. let me know if you want tips.. like how to make a real princess cake (they are fairly easy) to look like a 3d princess like they make in the stores. They will be 2 and 3 right? Madison's were 3 and 5. We played pink the lips on the frog. I don't do goodie bags (usually just a bunch of junk to take home and throw out) but I do game prizes (for everyone) which were bubbles and those huge punch balloons... the kids LOVED it. We played musical princesses, where they colored a picture then we taped them down in a circle. its the same thing as musical chairs... might be hard for 2 year olds. but their prize was bubbles when they "got out" so it was almost more fun to get out than stay in..

  4. Thank you, Brandy!!!! :) Now you need to start a blog. :)

    I tend not to do goodie bags either and haven't. Although, some of the goodie bags we've gotten in the past I've saved and stashed them in the diaper bag... which have come in handy during extreme measures (no nap days or moving/cleaning days!).

    I think I'm going to copy my brilliant cousin and hire a princess.