Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dirt, 'honey' and 'sweetie'

Why is it this time that I find that the girls are sooooooooooooooooo dirty once we leave our new house to go back to sleep at our old house? I swear, they get so dirty. Maybe from playing in the dirt ... or because of the HORSES IN THE BACKYARD!!!

We have two beautiful white horses that live (not technically) in our backyard. Yeah, I know, it's awesome. They come right up to the fence and say hello. Since we can't feed them due to special diet restrictions that I keep hearing about from the neighbor, but not actually the owner.. they are the best pets I've ever had. They are sweet to the girls and come and say hello when we want to say hello! But I don't have to feed them, clean up their big poops, pay their vet bills or anything!

So welcome to the family, Honey and Sweetie (names the girls picked out with my mom). Honey is the girl and Sweetie is the boy (was named after we found out how 'happy' he was one day).

What I don't like about these animals is the dirt they kick up! We still have to put up a fence in that section of the backyard (it's divided and the other side has a fence), but will still have enough space on top to say hello to our beloved, free pets!

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