Friday, May 13, 2011

Excuses, excuses

Blogger was down the last day or so and I was on vacation at Lake Tahoe (Squaw Valley to be exact!). So I posted my posts that I had all ready to go, but everytime I went to post one, Blogger said it was down.

So those are my excuses! I have figured out how to fix the timing on the posts... so I just re-posted them, but at least I had Wednesdays up, which was apparently pulled down during maintenance.


  1. that was a bit frustrating wasn't it?? I thought I was going coo-coo because I had posted things and had a couple of comments then it was all gone. At least things are working again now :)

  2. It was frustrating.. but it's free, so hey! :) I thought I was going coo-coo too.

    Looking forward to your new posts. Thanks for commenting!

  3. OMG! WAsn't that the most frustrating thing ever? Glad all seems back to normal now!

  4. Was there an e-mail ever sent explaining any of it??