Tuesday, May 17, 2011


YAY! We are officially homeowners. CANNOT believe it!


Now off to skim the ads for sales for a fridge, washer, dryer, rugs, hoses, dog houses... you know, all of that fun stuff!


  1. Yippee! Congratulations! Good memories to come, for sure!

  2. sears has an outlet that has great prices.. we applied for a sears card and got approved with no interest for 16 months.. we were able to purchase a fridge, washer and dryer on the card and then figured out how much we have to pay each month to have them paid off by time the "no interest" is up. Its very affordable and was so much easier on the pocket book than putting it on one of our credit cards or cash right out. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you! Sears seems to have the best prices and they match. Having a husband in sales.. he has quite a few 'insides' to other places with commissions. ;)