Monday, May 9, 2011

'How to' pack and move with a lot of stuff

After posting that dreadful post about the 'process' of moving and packing, etc. I've had a lot of positive feedback that I thought I would share with all of you!

A few things I do practice everytime I move, is a basic labeling system. Label each box with what room and the general idea of what's in the box. For example, for a box that contains wrapping paper and ribbon, I would label the box "Closet-wrapping/wrap." Pretty simple and I'm sure everyone does this. And I also write it on every side of the box and on top... because obviously the boxes aren't going to appear how you staked them at home... in your new home.

Now I received A LOT of great advice from my friend, Brandy. She's moved three times with her little girl and her advice was extremely helpful and I'm using some of it.

Tips from Miss Brandy:

* Have your children pick out a few things that they really like to play with and put them aside. Also, have the kids pick out a few books and dolls or whatever. (Will use as we get closer to the moving date.)

* She advises to buy a bunch of clear Rubbermaid containers with colored lids and put really fragile things and clothing. It's costly, but something you'll use over and over again. (I haven't gotten to the clothes yet and my cost-efficient advice is to use big garage bags and just shove all the clothes in!)

* This is her biggest hint: buy colored masking tape in a couple different colors and label each box with the corresponding room. For example, use pink for your child's room, blue for the bathroom, yellow for the kitchen and so on. I tried to go this route, but the tape was pretty hefty in price and we didn't have the funds to buy tons of rolls (retail at Michael's was about $5 a pop and Target was a little less than that). Instead, I bought tiny little post-its and have used the coloring system (pink-girls, kitchen-yellow, bathrooms-blue, closets-purple, etc.).
Here's my master list, along with my supplies.
 * Buy new bedding and let the kids pick it out! This goes along with potty training for any child and if/when they transition to a big kid bed. If there's something new and special, and something they picked out-- it will be even more exciting (and less scary) to be in a new bedroom/house.

* She advises also to number the boxes. Write a list of what's inside each box and have a corresponding number to match on a master list. When movers move your stuff and put it all in the garage or front room, you can find items quickly and efficiently. For example, if you want to work on kitchen dishes, look at your list and find where the kitchen dishes are (yellow #2-4) and there you go! 

Thank you, Brandy!!!

If you have any more great advice or tips on how to move with little ones, please comment below!


  1. Wow! I am seriously impressed! Those are such great ideas and WAY more effective than anything I've ever done! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've moved 4 times...where were these posts then! LOL! GREAT tips from a seasoned mover!!

  3. And the post-its make it kid-friendly so they can help. :) Will let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for commenting ladies!