Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day! and welcome to 'Blog-a-Day in May'

Well, it's May 1. And that means it's May Day (which I'm not sure where it's actually celebrated, but as a child I always wanted to walk around the pole holding a ribbon); and that it's the first day of my commitment for 'Blog-a-Day in May!' I am joining Ami from The Best Things in Life are Three who is mother to triplets. Now my blogger friend, Ami, has a theme of 'maybe.' Maybe she will blog about this or that. I'm not sure that I have a theme, since it's just going to be a challenge to get a post in a day!

To start off and get this started right, I will share one thing amazing about my two girls. Ava shows so much love for her sister and cares for her as asks "you okay, Emma?! You okay??" All while pushing her two two minutes later for getting in her view of "Tangled." Emma has begun potty training and has been occasionally peeing in the potty from time to time, maybe once a day. But I think this girl would rather poop in the potty than really pee. She must do it everyday. AMAZING.

And one thing about them together. People everyday ask if they are twins. And I can see this as they are exactly a year apart (a year, two hours and 18 minutes- to be exact). But really-- can't you see one has a chubbier face and the other one is like 3 inches taller?? Or Ava's feet are a little bit bigger than Emma's?

Do you think they look like twins?

I do love it though. I love saying in the phrase: "no, they are Irish twins" and proceed to explain what Irish twins are and how it's ONE IN SEVEN MILLION that a child is born exactly a year apart from the first sibling.

And yes, if you're wondering, I do know magic. My husband and I both know it. And, yes, of course, we planned to have them so close together. Wouldn't you want it that way too? Have a one year old, who really is 10 months adjusted age, and a newborn.

I will take off for now and leave you with that thought and welcome you to 'Blog-a-Day in May!' Please follow along with Ami, she has a great sense of humor and adorable little kids.


  1. You're so sweet! I'm so glad you're blogging with me! Your girls are too cute for words! And I absolutely love the 'Irish Twin' description! Such a great conversation piece! I have cousins who are sisters and they are just one day apart and I always thought that was cool! day down, 30 to go! :)

  2. People would always think Megan and I were twins or sisters just because we would often dress alike. No matter that we're 8 months apart and have different parents... :)

  3. Ami- that's crazy. Sisters are a day apart?? Half sisters?

    Emily- that's crazy (again)! Well, you kinda look alike, but def. not twins.

    Thanks for commenting girls!