Thursday, June 9, 2011

'Moving was a success!'

Now when have you ever heard that phrase, "Moving was a success!"?????

Well our move was a success in that, I don't think we lost anything that we haven't already found; we arrived all in one piece; we have CABLE (as of yesterday- no internet YET); and the girls are more happier than I've ever seen them. My parents have ever commented about how they are two different kids (good, happier kids).

How was moving a success with two young children under almost 3 years old? Here are my successes/tips:

* It was successful because we moved all of our beds, clothing, dressers, toys, etc. in one move and I labeled the boxes according to color (thank you, Brandy!). That in itself was the smartest thing I could of done. Labeled boxes by color according to what room they should go in and labeled exactly what was in them.

* We made sure all of the beds were put together first and sheeted, and I unpacked all of the clothing.

* I took cues from the girls and put together the girls' playroom on the second/third day we were there. I could tell they were getting bored with jumping in their trampoline and digging in the dirt while two white horses starred at them. :)

* Keep things as normal as possible for the kids. We didn't buy new bedding for the girls like I had planned, and I'm so glad. I think having their beds together in the same room with the same bedding, etc. made them sleep well.

Things I would suggest:

* Set-up cable and internet to come the day after moving. We waited two weeks before cable and still have yet to get internet (sorry my blog-a-day in May friends).

* Make sure your washer/dryer/fridge are all delivered/in working order before arrival. :) Or have a wonderful friend nearby to use in case of peed-on sheets.

* Don't be such a grumpy mama. I failed at this one BIG TIME!!!

* Take more time off work than you think Moving is exhausting and you will be more tired than you really think.
And here's the beauty!!!

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  1. Beautiful home. Glad everything went well!