Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet our kitty, Sabby

This is our cat, Sabath. Named after Black Sabbath (obviously) from my husband. :)

He is the girl's cat too. Although he isn't as warm and friendly as I would like him to be. He's a boy cat which I believe makes him that way.

Since we've moved, he has become a lot nicer to the girls and doesn't bite me as much when he wants to express his love (love bites-- what is that???!!). He has taken a lot since we adopted him 9 years ago.

He became the brother of a puppy named Lucy just seven months shy of becoming a member of our household. Suffered many moves. Became big brother to two babies not even a year apart!!!!

But I know he loves us (well he loves me most since I feed him and make sure his water is changed hourly-this guy is picky!), and he loves the girls.

Since we've moved he allows the girls to 'pet' him on the side and say "HI BUDDY!!!" right in his face.

We love you Sabby, and I wanted you to be a memory for the girls to have.

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