Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Where's the Love?' Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I'll get straight to it for this week's edition of "Where's the Love?" courtesy of Miss Abby from Akers of Love. This month she's been doing a month of adoption posts and I have really enjoyed all of them.

This week I am LOVING (like L-O-V-I-N-G, kissing in a tree and the whole sh-bang), I've read here and there about bloggers that love it and 'pin' stuff and make the 'pins' and didn't really read into it. I didn't think I needed another Web site to check out, or, ummm... get overly addicted to.

And here we are! Addicted to so much that I started a new blog. So let's throw out the etiquette on self promoting, because I wanted to highlight the blog I started with my dear friend, Michelle, who invited me and got me addicted to the site. Our blog is called "Things Pinterest Made Me Do..."

You know you have a submission you want to post, don't ya?! :) Cookies, crafts, frames, funny sayings that made it to posters, dreams of your dream home, etc.

Check it out! We're still fine tuning the site, but already have a 'pin' just completed so stay tuned! So again, go to

Where is your love this week? Let Abby know here.

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