Wednesday, October 5, 2011

'Where's the Love?' Wednesday

What I'm loving this week... (hosted by the lovely Abby at Akers of Love)

The love this week is the fact that Emma is potty trained! YIPPEEE!!!

She is the poster child for all children (not really, I just think she's that amazing!) that *some* children are ready to be trained by 26 months.

And to give credit to big sissy, Ava, she did a great job encouraging Emma, clapping for her, sharing the treats and stickers when she did pee in the potty, AND telling me when she pooped her pants by explaining how 'tinky Emma' was.

So Emma! Cheers to you baby girl! You were potty trained in a week. One week. (I will write more about my new found philosophies for potty training and why Pull-Ups are just like diapers and influence no pee'ing on the potty influence on children.)

What I'm also loving is going through pictures from a wedding reception we attended this past weekend. It was a great time- and I was almost not going to bring them. But then this happened:

My babies were dancing with their daddy. At a wedding. It was one of the cutest moments I ever witnessed in their lives.

And straight from Abby's posts on Wednesdays:

What are you loving?  

It's easy!  

Write about what you're loving at this moment.  If you want, take a picture or many. And post your link at Akers of Love.

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