Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Celebrating Kindependence'

I received an e-mail from the lovely staff members at Pampers Kandoo about a contest that they are holding about "Celebrating Kindependence." (If you are interested in entering, scroll to the end of my post.)

What is 'kindependence' you might ask? It's the child-sized version of "I can do it myself."

Ring a bell anyone? That two-year-old that "I can do it!!!!" when putting on their shoes or buttering their toast.

Let me give you another perfect example where my children are constantly practicing the "I can do it myself" kindependence.

Potty training as anyone knows is a daunting task that parents near and wide, dread. You dread it because you know your days will be filled with bodily functions, lots of laundry, a high water bill, and a new-found loss of patience.

I can now say that both of my girls, have proved that they are out of the baby stage because they are both potty trained. (Can I get an WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!) Now this may come at a shock to all of you, but I have been mourning this new 'kindependence' that they have both earned. I am mourning because both of my 'babies' are no longer babies. They have reached the milestone of exiting babyhood. Even though a two-year-old or almost three-year-old, is truly not a baby, they might still be in diapers/pull-ups or potty training, but not full on going pee-on-potty. It's not that they don't need my help sometimes, but usually they can do the potty thing themselves.

I am honored to say that not only one, but both of my girls, are being celebrated. I have been thinking of ways of celebrating their HUGE milestone of mastering the potty training deal: learning to hold their bodily functions in long car rides (remember we commute), waiting for their turn on the potty, cheering each other on each morning after dry sheets are achieved.

None other than any milestone, this one is huge. They are exiting babyhood and entering kidhood.

Therefore, I celebrate my girls and their new 'kindependence' and will go and buy them Princess dolls and/or sparkly black glitter princess shoes and/or the new Halloween Barbie, for this huge achievement.

I keep in mind that there are many, many more milestones to hit because the issues down the road will become more complex and less physically demanding. I will cherish this 'ah-ha' moment knowing times ahead will be in the rough. But now, I will celebrate by doing the happiest 'happy dance' you've ever seen! (No video, sorry!)

If you are interested in entering a blog post about how your children are 'celebrating kindependence' click here to the contest's Web site. Deadline is Oct. 31.

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