Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dirt and sunlight

The last night before the rain started to fall (for a day) in sunny CA, the girls and I headed outside to the backyard to catch some rays and burn off some steam.

The girls love to play, ride bikes, jump on their trampoline and dig in the dirt. Even when I send out the warning, "do not get dirty, you just had a bath." But it's good for them, and I know it! :)

As the sun started to set, I grabbed my camera as the light was beautiful behind the girls, and even though the chain-linked fence is behind them, I finally captured some beautiful shots of Ava. I think she's at an age where the pictures I take of her are quick, not focused and not sweet. Emma, I have tons of her. Yes, it's her age, I think. They are cheesy little beings at two years old!

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