Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a 'shape'

My mom and I took the girls to the doctors yesterday for their well baby visits, I guess they aren't well babies anymore, they are big girl visits? Check-ups? How about, princess tiara fittings, because they still do measure the size of their heads and now use the height thingy to see how tall they are.

So we're in the hallway where we are *attempting* to get weighed, measured and have our blood pressure taken (just Ava, I guess it's a new 3-year-old thing), while trying to get them to stop crying and screaming in fear of the weight machine. ??? Anyone else's kids do this? Oh, just mine? I was hoping not.

So we get to the eye chart and the nurse asks her what the shapes are?

Nurse: What is this?
Ava: Hmm...... (silence)
Mommy: What shape is that, Ava?
Ava: Apple!
Nurse: Good, what is this?
Ava: Hmm...... I don't know.
Nurse: Circle?
Ava: Circle!
Nurse: This one?
Ava: Ummm..... hmmm.... it's a .... shape!
Nurse: Uh yeah. I'll go with that, it's a square. How old is she?
Mommy: Three.
Nurse: Oh, really?
Mommy: Um YES! She is three, adjusted age by two months because she was born early and la la la. 

I was so embarrassed. I know she knows what a square is. I know she's only three, but she is three. And I know I need to get my butt in gear for both of them for the next time they are asking so they'll proudly answer with the corresponding answer!

And I know I shouldn't be embarrassed. Both of my kids-- kick butt! They are smart, caring, sweet, athletic, etc. But I should also remember what just happened, Ava squeezing herself out of my grasp while trying to sit in the blood pressure chair (hey girlie, I don't like it either!), refusing to stand on the weight scale, etc.

Sometimes us mommies have to give ourselves some slack and that is what I will/was/going to do!


  1. I think kids just don't like to be tested. Connor refused to answer any of the doctor's questions at his 4 year old check up, too, until I handed him a pen and asked him to start drawing and writing on the paper covering the table. Once he didn't feel like it was a test, he wrote his name and did some drawings, and then the doctor was happy. I just had to trick him into cooperating.

  2. Thank you Julie!! You are right. And to them, they are complete strangers. I will remember that next time!