Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cheap thrills

Play Doh is a timeless 'toy' or activity, right? Something about the feeling as smushing the dough and creating and recreating things with your hands. And the smell.

We receiving a baby sized container of some red Play Doh as a Halloween gift and the girls enjoyed playing with. So I bought some more. And realized how cheap it was.. and that I could probably make it. But what isn't cheap are the 'extras' you can buy to use with the dough. I said heck with that!

I fished out my random collection of cookie cutters, two plastic cutting placemats and a little plastic cup for rolling. The girls were thrilled!

Cost: Play Doh $2 for two containers; everything else was free/on hand.

Woo hoo! Great rainy day project.

Luckily I don't have carpet or the girls would only experience Play Doh at day care or a friends' house.


  1. How fun the timing of this post!! One of my little twins asked if he could play with playdough today and I told him that I had thrown it all away last time they played with it and they had refused to put it away. It got all dried out and I tossed it in the trash and vowed to never ever buy it for them again.

    Have your kids discovered Moon Sand yet? That stuff was created by the devil himself!!

  2. Oh no... They have not discovered that nor will they. No wonder it is always on clearance on

    For the record, I have had to toss a quarter of the play Duh so far. :)