Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random photos

Since I love reading blogs, especially ones with photos, I decided that since the last few posts had zero pictures-- I would make a random photos post!

These are from my work computer.... so they have no rhyme or reason, but must be some of my faves!
My babies dressed up as a loaf of Wonderbread (Emma) and a leopard (Ava) in 2009
Ava rubbing my belly - May 2009
Emma, 10 months, looking like her daddy
I love this photo because Emma is barely holding herself up. Ava is 19 months and Emma is 7 months

Sisters!!! Ava 18 months, Emma 6 months


  1. so cute i could eat them up!

    why do people say that? it's so wrong.


    I could eat them up!! Gorgeous family, great mom. wanted to stop by and say howdy do!

  2. Awww!! Thank you, miss! I could eat them up too!