Monday, March 21, 2011


Through reading blogs and enjoying reading blogs-- I started a blog. I've found the blogs I stalk read from friends, co-workers and other blogs I read. It takes up time and offers support to me without the author even knowing it.

Recently, one of the blogs I read, Here We Go Again, the author (Jen) recently lost a baby and I have been fully affected by it. I don't even know if she knows who I am. But I am praying for her.

We are lucky in this day in age to have resources like the Internet with instant access to instant information. Or to develop friendships or bonds with people you don't even know.

Please say a quick prayer for Jen, as well as others that have lost or have gone through the tramatic experience of a stillbirth, death of an infant or child.

This past weekend's illnesses have been ignored and I have nuzzled and cuddled them a little bit more. Life is short.

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