Wednesday, March 30, 2011

'Where's the Love?' Wednesdays

Happy Wednesday!

Today's topic was found from a blog I read from time-to-time, That Wife which she talked about the Secret deodorant Mean Stinks campaign. She (Jenna) talked about how to "be nice behind someone's back." Mean girls, mean boys, mean grocery clerks, etc. reverse the meanness and be nice!

So the love on this beautiful Wednesday in sunny CA, is the Mean Stinks campaign.

Be nice to everyone. Say something nice to your neighbor or your favorite blogger. Show an example that can be picked up from everywhere.

I can only imagine what the world of middle school will be like when the girls get to that point. But I know I will have done my job by fighting those meanies.


  1. There is not much love today for me...sick with the flu. Thanks for holding down the fort while I'm ill.

  2. Ohhhh Abby! Get better. There is nothing worse than a sick mommy with either a sick child or well child. There's no paid sick time for this profession! :( Get well soon!