Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where's the Love? Wednesday

New thing I'm grabbing from Akers of Love blog I recently found through Enjoying the Small Things. It's called "Where's the Love? Wednesday" which I linked up to her blog last week and failed to do what I signed up for! I believe this will get me to blog more often .. take pictures and document them!

Where was the love today?

The love was at my grandparents house. The girls' great-grandparents. The love was in the living room amongst the crayons, coloring books, tiaras, hot-pink feather boas and the massive amounts of blankets... all surrounding my Grandma and the girls. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so no pictures were captured-- just memories that will go into my memory bank.

Hearing their laughter mixed in with my Grandma's laughter.. made my heart swell with love.

And to copy and paste from Miss Abby from Akers of Love:

Where is your love today?  Tell me...and others... what you're lovin' right now.  If you 
have a blog, add a link to your love blog post below.  

It can be fun, lighthearted, deep and meaningful or a little of both.  It can be one thing or many things  If you don't have a blog, share what you're lovin' as a comment below.


  1. You just made my day! Nothing like making memories with grandparents! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Aww thank you for commenting!!! Maybe we're going to get the commenting going on our blogs for each other. :)

    My Grandma and I have a very strong bond (much like my mom and I) and it just melted my heart to see my girls with her.

  3. NIce to 'cyber' meet you :) I'm glad you found my blog...hope it inspires you to go back to school when the girls are older. We need nurses with passion...not ones that are doing it 'just for the money'.

    Your little irish twins are very cute by the way :)

  4. Your blog is very much inspiring me to become an RN. Keep up the good work! I love reading about the deliveries and the great hospice care you give to your clients. I can imagine that you are one in a million!

    Thank you!