Monday, March 21, 2011

Potty girl Emma!

What's up with child #2 doing and wanting to do everything early? And especially if it's your last??!!

That's Miss Emma I'm talking about. I swear she was just born last year. She's going to be 2 soon! So obviously- we're thinking about potty training. Ava is fully potty trained and has the occasional accident at night since she sleeps in her big girl underwear.

Emma has been requesting to wear big girl underwear lately with her soft-spoken words. Last night she pulls off her underwear (not the traditional way, she pulls down from the front and looks down and is surprised why it's not off yet) and pulls off her diaper. She then proceeds to say "pee pee" and sits down on the potty. This girl wanted to sit on the potty with no diaper on for a half an hour. Girlfriend!!!! I don't have 30 minutes! It's bed time! ;) I have a million things to do! (Like watch TV right up until daddy gets home and I gotta make his dinner. haha)

I'm ready with the skills I need to get the girl trained. But I'm not ready emotionally for my baby to be potty trained.


  1. Good luck with potty training! I'm glad I have a while before I even have to think about that!

    Thanks for linking up to my Where's the Love? Wednesday last week.

  2. Thanks, Abby!!! We got our first born potty trained so Miss Emma will be a piece of cake, I'm hoping (I'm probably going to eat my words!). You will do great!

    I wasn't sure how the Where's the Love thing worked, so I hope I didn't do anything wrong or didn't do anything and that was wrong. ;) Let me know!