Monday, October 4, 2010


Happy fall everyone!!!

I had huge plans to decorate our balcony and porch for the neighbors' kids and our kids, but didn't get around to it. Hopefully soon! Loving this cooler weather as opposed to the three digit weather the Bay Area was blessed with last week!

Potty training has been going very well for Ava. She gets treats and that's her incentive to keep going! So we offer her M&Ms everytime she goes. Last week when picking Ava up from day care, I was informed that she receives 2 M&Ms for pee and 5 M&Ms for the other. "Yikes!" I thought, I better step up my game if I'm going to get this girl trained! :)

Well, as you know, Emma joins in on the party in the bathroom when we go 'pee pee in tha pottay.' Well she also joins in on the M&Ms after-party too! And Ava now insists that as soon as she receives her 'treats' that Emma gets her 'treat' too. Even starting at the ripe age of two, Ava has her sister's back.

What love!

(Photo courtesy of Leah-- so great to have seen you at the park! Thank you for this Kodak moment that you captured!)

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