Friday, October 1, 2010

'Pee pee in tha pottay!'

Potty training. Two words that bring a whirl-wind of different feelings. :) In stages of course!

We started potty training Ava a week ago today. She had been peeing on the potty for months and we made it 'fun' and exciting for her- and for us. But Friday was the big dip into the Pull-Ups and big girl underwear.

It's going quite well, but the deadline I've given her, myself and Martin, is another week of that and then hopefully start with the thick underwear and then the pretty Elmo, Dora and froggie princess underwear she's been wearing on top of the Pull-Ups.

What frightens me is the nighttime. Luckily for us, Ava has not climbed out of her crib, therefore it's still a crib and hasn't been transformed into a toddler/day bed.

Does anyone have any tips for the nighttime??

Emma on the other hand-- loves to join the 'pee pee in tha pottay' party in the girls' bathroom. She sits on a stool and reads books with us. Like our day care provider said, 'Emma would probably be trained a lot quicker than these other girls that are being trained.' Which is true. But I can't let go out my last baby that quickly! :)

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