Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love fest!

I've had a lot of "awww" and "ahhhhhhh" moments with the girls lately. And just within the last minute.

Last night, Ava was drawing on her Leap Frog thingy, and I asked her what she was drawing, and she said "a circle, mommy!" And continued to draw her circle within a circle within another circle. Now I know we've gone over the shapes in books and stuff, but never did I think that just one day she'd know what a circle was and draw it without any assistance. (Thank you to our wonderful day care provider, Paola!! because I know all things that she learns is from there like counting to ten in both English and Spanish.) I know as a busy working mom and my extremely busy working husband, that we don't think to just sit down and teach them the words to another nursery rhyme since we're just trying to get through another day!

Anyways! We had another Kodak moment just seconds ago as we were eating breakfast together (Ava, Emma and I), where Ava leaned over and kissed her sister. And then proceeded to say, "huggies! I want to give huggies" and hugs her sister.

After the love fest at the breakfast table, I turned on Elmo (so I could really have a break and write this post!) and Ava positions herself on the couch and says, "where's Emma?!" Explaining she was on her way, she then says "Sissy! How are you, sissy? Huh?"

And then there are other moments where Ava is THE mommy and bosses Emma around. Some terms she says are "Emma! NO!" "No Emma!" "Emma, siitttt down!" And then sometimes if she's in the mood will proceed to push her sister down or out of the way!

These moments, which I know there isn't any category in either of their babybooks, is exactly the reason why I wanted to start this blog. So I could remember them and tell them how much they loved each other when they were 2 and 1 year old, when they are 13  and 14... hating each other because of their raging hormones!

I love my girls. I'm so happy that they were born so close together so we can have more and more moments like this as they continue to grow up.

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