Friday, October 1, 2010

'I do it!'

From the mouth of our oldest babe, Ava. She is 26 months, I'm guessing... 24 plus 2 is 26. Yes. Adjusted age, she is 2 years (she was born at 32 weeks) and that's what the specialists always say.

ANYWAYS!!!! Our sweet 2-year-old girl is MISS Independent and always wants to do whatever she wants to do and by herself.

As much as she is independent, she has grown to love her little sissy, Emma. Emma was just recently sick with the flu with the bad poops which lead to an ear infection... mommy working from home, etc.

So off to day care went Ava and Emma stayed home with mommy. It was fun to have just one child to take care of. But did those girls miss each other! On Wednesday morning when we were all home together, Ava kept kissing and hugging her sister.

That moment was worth all of the sleepless nights. All of the crying and all of the frustrating "I do it!" moments! :)

The girls are all ready to watch Toy Story in their matching Tinkerbell chairs.

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