Saturday, October 9, 2010

Terrible twos, threes and fours

Now, having a 2- and 1-year-old, is much different than having a 2- and 4- year old. In my opinion, of a momma of Irish twins. (Which at any age, kids are hard and have different levels of terrible whatever!)

When Emma came home from the hospital when Ava turned one just a couple days before, Ava immediately turned into the terrible twos, little girl. She was biting, hitting, grinding her teeth, etc. because she didn't know what 'jealous' was or what it meant.. obviously! She was ONLY one-year-old!!!!

Now having Emma who is almost 15 months, while her sister is two-years-old, Emma is going through the terrible twos. Why? Because her sister is two. And she mimics EVERYTHING her sister does. I'm guessing? How is this fair??

Now for the record, everyone should know that Emma is a blessing from above and has graced our presence with much laughter and love. But she was not planned. I was on the 'mini' pill you take when you are breastfeeding which is not exactly 99% effective, it's not even 95%. I think it's 92% effective. So in no way we planned her pregnancy, but embraced it. So I'm just rambling about something that I have/had no control of (their ages so close together).

Now we all hear and anticipate with horror the 'terrible twos,' but I've heard it gets harder. Harder each year! Does anyone agree? How does it get harder? What are we suppose to anticipate?

I will anticipate that every year the girls get bigger and older, it will get harder. But we will master shortcuts. But as I watch the two of them right now, the play together. They fight. But they also love each other. They hug each other, kiss each other and show concern for the other. Ava makes sure that Emma is awake every morning. Emma follows Ava around everywhere.

And we love it.

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