Saturday, February 4, 2012

10-4 Good Buddy for February

10-4 Good Buddy {February} (Akers of Love link up)

Abby at Akers of love, who also hosts Where's the Love? Wednesday, us starting a new link up called 10-4 Good Buddy. Check it out by visiting her first post.

Here we go! Here are my answers...

1. How long have you been blogging?

September of 2010

2. Why did you start blogging?

My office mate had a blog and read a lot of them and after getting addicted to reading many, I started one. I basically kept forgetting to update my girls' babybooks so I thought I would hit two birds with one stone and eventually print my blog out for them.

3. What is your favorite food blog?

The Pioneer Woman

4. What state do you live in?

Born and raised in California.

5. What are the first 5 things you do when you get up in the morning?

Take two little girls to the bathroom, use bathroom, get in bed to cuddle, go downstairs to get warm milk, check e-mail, blog and FB (I need to add in prayer too--thank you Abby).

6. What is your favorite picture from last

Look at the bottom (can't figure out how to post within post from my phone).

7. What is your favorite Pinterest find that you have actually created?

I created a string art wall organizer for all my kids' artwork from day care. (Again, look below or click here for the post).

8. Do you floss daily?

Every other day. I used to not ever, just a week before my dentist appointment. But then after having two kids, I started getting cavities (I guess after pregnancy your body releases toxins or calcium and it sometimes comes out through your teeth). I've had three so far. I never had a cavity until I was 29.

9. What is your favorite post that you wrote last month?

Duties of a SAHM

10. What is the last restaurant you went to?

A Japanese all-you-can eat buffet in a nearby city. I can't remember the name....something to do with a dragon. :)

Now play or visit Abby's post and read and get to know some other blogs that have played along.


  1. Ooohhhh...LOVE the art wall. I've seen that idea to display artwork and I have always loved it! have won (and I'm so glad) my giveaway...the scrapbooking software is so awesome!

    Message me with an email address for me to send you the code for the software! :)

  2. I love that artwork display too. I might have to do something like that in the play room... Thanks for linking up, I knew I could count on you. :)

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Jodie--- Thank you and yay!!! I will post it and link back to you.

    Abby---- No problem. It was fun!!

  4. That artwork display is awesome!!! Love that!

    The pic of the girls is so cute!