Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny Friday

Today's funny is the Valentine's Day balloons that Ava has 'tied' to our bed... For the tooth fairy. ??? Ok, miss. :) What's the best part is when her 'tying' comes loose and she can't reach the string.

Maybe that's how I should deal with her upcoming dentist appointment with the dentist (includes conscious sedation---YIKES!).

She has been so funny and endearing lately. She knows her mama needs it. :)


  1. She sounds so much like Bella! Because tying a V-day balloon to the bed for the tooth fairy totally sounds like something Bella would do!!

    It's a good thing our kids keep us smiling, isn't it?

    1. Ha ha!! Them they will have a blast together. ;) Yes....the random funny things make the trying moments better. :)