Friday, February 3, 2012

Naps....a thing of the past

As I sit here in my Target parking lot, the girls are asleep and I am enjoying the quietness and my iced Americano.

Naps are a thing of the past. I really wish Emma would still take a snooze, but she won't. I've tried. It turns into party time for the girls. And if she does and I let it go long she is awake in her bed until at least 10-11 at night.

So I guess a thing that is tough with the girls being so close in age is that the youngest doesn't nap past 2 1/2. It turns into "I'm tired, we are tired" to "We aren't tired."

So I quietly enjoy my iced coffee in the car in the Target parking lot while strangers pass me and wonder what the heck I'm doing!


  1. You take what you can get. I hope you had a lovely time in the parking lot!

  2. I keep forgetting that they're not twins!!!

    I've done that many times too and I could've cared less if strangers stared at me. You gotta take your peace and quiet however it comes to you!