Monday, January 2, 2012

Ballet is expensive

Ballet is expensive if your child only goes in during the actual ballet part. Not the first half during the tap part.

I know. I get her point. Ballet is much more her. She can do the hokey pokey anytime she wants! And she has it. She has the grace and poise for ballet. She listens attentively and is beautiful when she goes in to dance.

So help me. This lovely little three year old is very excited when it is ballet day. She chats it up with her teacher before class, but when it is time to go into class with her classmates she freezes and 'is shy.' I tend to have a lot of patience on these days, but it is getting old and the bribery of candy or treats isn't doing the trick.

Although today during Emma's potty break which was 5 minutes into her shyness, the crying/deep breaths/calming/'this class is expensive' crap I was saying ... She snapped out of it and went in!

Now you may say this is normal for new dancers, but we've beenn this class since June.

What do you do when your little dancer freezes up? We can't continue to keep going with me job-less if she continues doing this and we gotta keep going because I already bought the $60+ leotard outfit for the recital in June!

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