Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pro-Feeding Babies in Public (Breastfeeding)

I recently had the joy of running across this blog, This Daddys Blog. He recently posted this: http://www.thisdaddysblog.com/2012/01/need-to-feedbreastfeed-that-is.html?showComment=1325609143182&m=1#c789801476048022095

Read it. Hear it. Support it.

I remember the feelings I had trying to nurse my itty bitty Ava in the NICU, at home and in public. It was tough. I was embarassed. And I shouldn't of been.

With Emma, I so wasn't shy. I would nurse in front of my brother, dad ...but that's about as far as I went (coverless). But I remember having to pump at work, and it made some people and especially the two men in the office feel uncomfy. Although most supported, I was surprised.

Isn't this what mothers are suppose to do? It is what God gave us equiped with.


  1. Isn't he the best?? I love him (and his sense of humor)

    I wasn't able to breastfeed successfully so I attached myself to a breast pump round the clock so I could give what little milk I did have to my babies. I think I would've been too shy to do it in public, which is a shame, because it's one of the most natural things a mother can do.

  2. Helene!!!! :)

    I was only able to successfully BF Ava for just three months. The pumping every three hours when she was in the NICU (which I'm sure you completely relate), took the herbal supplement which didn't work, etc. Only till I had Emma who was a BF champ did I realize my milk never came in with Ava.

    I think the next message needs to be: breastfeeding isn't easy or like the movies.