Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A blast from my past

You were wondering what the title meant, huh? Well the 'blast' is Bar.bies. Bar.bie clothes, cars, shoes, you know.

Fun stuff that happens to be EVERYWHERE. So far we have had prom and a wedding. And the wedding is complete with Cinderelly's carriage and two hot pink convertibles.


  1. Good times!!! And nothing shouts good times louder than when you step on one of Barbie's shoes in the middle of the night....

  2. oh my gosh - my granddaughter Lily recently found all of my old Barbie stuff that I still have (sadly my girls never played with it and why I've hung on to it I don't know) But Lily LOVES it...even the retro 70's bedspreads on the fold out beds. Wish I would have saved her my airplane HA! And the clothes are so funny - 70's styles! Now thats all she wants for her birthday - more Barbie stuff :)