Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where's the Love? Wednesday: Crafty Kids

What I'm loving this week?

I'm loving how crafty my girls are. From tiaras, cut outs of random shapes from their Melissa and Doug scissors (awesome! They don't cut hair), to beautiful watercolor paintings.

They spend at least an hour a day at the kitchen table making masterpieces. Ava enjoys it so much she sits there much longer than Emma, who will draw for a while and then tend to her babies.

What else am I loving? Our chore chart. I bought a chalkboard on clearance wayyy before I had kids because I had grand dreams for it. Not for a chore chart. Not sure for what. Anyways, we painted and decorated it together and enforced it from the start. The thrill for all kinda dropped off shortly after until yesterday.

And I was at my wits end trying to get them to listen and eat all of meals. So I brought it back out and put the following chores:

* Pick up toys
* Feed animals
* Brush hair/teeth

And so far today they remembered it and have been anxious to get their 'marks.'


  1. Love doing the chore chart on a chalkboard! GREAT way to do it. Thanks for your comment at Helene's place yesterday! I agree - it is worse than Springer!

  2. Thank you, Missy!!! I was nodding my head through your whole post. Sick how they money for THAT.