Sunday, June 24, 2012


I'm much more cheesy nowadays. My girls' birthday is a month away. They are growing up. They are getting big. And will be in school before I know it. I am reminded how much this time is important with them now because of these things.

The cuddling. The hugs. The pleas for "just mommy."

I'm loving it.

But what tests my nerves is the whining. The fussiness of of an almost 4 year old. The stubborn almost 3 year old.

Is it just me? Or do I have zero patience? Do my neighbors think I'm crazy?!

My note to myself is to enjoy these days. Enjoy the frustrating and joyous moments with my girls.


  1. I try to tell myself this everyday! We live in the country and I'm sure my voice projects across the yard to other houses!!! No-you are totally the same as every least the ones that admit it!!

    1. This comment made me feel so normal...thank you!

      When we lived in our tiny 2 bedroom apt., I had mentioned to a neighbor of s month old baby, that I hoped my yelling wasn't heard. And she said, yeah we best you with a look on her face of disgust. ;)

  2. How true it is! I think God made them so cute at this age to distract us from how downright frustrating they can be ;-)