Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love/Hate Link up

I'm linking up this week once again for my free therapy session with Noel at Beautiful Life. Want to join, visit her. It will make you happy!

I LOVE the naptime after a long playdate at the park with great friends.
I HATE that the girls will be up late because of said nap.

I LOVE my friends.
I HATE that we can't see each other everyday.

I LOVE that my girls get to have a lot of toys.
I HATE that it creates such a mess ... In seconds.


  1. A$- I so totally remember that gamble with the late nap, it's like do I take a longer free time now or work hard to keep them awake a bit longer and have my free time later? I always just took my chances, let that nap cookie crumble where it may.
    Sigh... deep deep sigh... about the friends. SO feel ya on that one A$.
    And the toys, one day ... I don't even need to say it do I ? You know, you see your future in me being all sentimental as I have no more toys to pick up.

  2. Thanks for responding! You are right..enjoy the mess?? :)