Friday, June 1, 2012

Letter to My Pet, Lucy

If you want to play along with a letter to you pet(s), visit Noel st her blog, Noel's Beautiful Life here.

Dear Lucy,

You were my first baby, my fur baby. You are the best dog in the entire world. It makes me sad everyday knowing what has made you sick.

Recently we found the reason why your toenail fell off is because you have cancer. It hurts my heart to know that we cannot afford to put you through whatever it will take to *try* and cure it. Nor would we put you through that because it would you make you so sick and unhappy.

You are taking the cone around your head and the medicine to get rid of the toe infection like a rockstar.

You still continue to love us just like you always have. Pick up your toys in your mouth, despite the cone. Wag your tail like a puppy when we get home. Embrace the girls and the love, pets, pats and dress-up time they give you. And you lay on our laps when we cry for the absence that will be when you are in heaven.

I love you so much, my Lucy Lou. You have been such an amazing dog that I could of never dreamed of when we had the girls. I am treasuring every moment with you and will allow the girls to give you the fifty million biscuits they want to give you.

Your human mama


  1. Oh man I"m crying. There should be a warning on this post. Lucy looks and sounds like such an amazing sweet sweet dog. I'm so sorry to hear this. That is for sure the hardest part of being a pet owner when we have to say goodbye. Prayers for comfort for you and your family in regards to finding out this so sad news.

    1. Thank you sweet bloggy friend. It hurts. So much. But she's doing pretty good and is healthy overall. It's the infection that made her tumor grow.

      The are one of the best gifts in this world. Thanks for hosting!!!

  2. oh no - how sad....I would totally cry if that were my Penny Dog...they are such a part of our lives

  3. So sorry to hear this about Lucy. I know what it's like because our little Tinkerbell had cancer, too. She was a sweet and sassy Yorkie... well, Selkie Terrier to be exact... that was so close to my Mom.

    I know it's hard, but Lucy is still very fortunate to have such a loving family. I'm positive she feels that because I could feel it just through reading your post. (((HUGS))) to Lucy, yourself and your family.