Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love/Hate Link up

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice cream.
I HATE the calories it contains.

I LOVE taking my girls to the park.
I HATE the bullies at the park.

I LOVE my whole entire family.
I HATE family drama.

I LOVE babies. The way they smell, coo, sound, etc.
I HATE that we cannot have anymore.

I LOVE picnics in the backyard.
I HATE the bugs that join you on your beautiful picnic.

*gimme a caption to that photo. :)


  1. "Hey What cha Got There?" She looks like she's wanting some of her sisters fishy's . Loved that you signed up as A$ today and that this picture is bigger YAY!

  2. A$ is hilarious. :)

    That caption is as good as mine. Or... Better. ;) mine involved the bickering that was probably going on. ;)