Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Memories of childbirth

Call me crazy-- but does anyone recall every year, the night their children were born? What happened? What time? How you felt? The day after? The moment after? (At least the positive happy things- not the night sweats or awful latching on while breastfeeding new baby.)

I do! I love to remember that time. That special, special time with my newborn. (Rather she be in the NICU or in the well-baby nursery. It doesn't matter.) I remember the faces of my favorite nurses. The snacks I ate. The flowers I received. The outfit the girls went home in. And the drive home from the hospital with baby in tow.

Ava's birth-- I remember the first moment I saw her in her isolette and when I first held her. She was the length of my arm. And her tiny, tiny fingers weren't longer than my thumb. And I remember her last day in the NICU... the time where I was walked out healed from my scars and drove my tiny 4.6 pound baby home. When I introduced her to Lucy and the first noises she made in our home.

Emma's birth -- I remember the first time I saw her, right after she was born. The anesthesiologist made sure that I got to see her clearly before I was sewed up. And then I remember when I saw her after my surgery after delivery. Her little beautiful face and what a magical moment that was. And I remember driving home with her. Lucy waiting in the car with a tail waggin' while Ava was out and about with her Papa Abuelo.

I cannot wait to celebrate them tomorrow!

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