Monday, July 18, 2011

The best gifts...

I'm so off topic today, so I give you this:

I've had a lot of big things happen in life in the past 4-5 years. Pre-kids. Pre-marriage. And I was thinking about the best gifts to give people who are getting married, graduating, having children and buying a house or renting a new place.

Three of the best things I can think of are these that were gifted to us that I will *try* to continue the tradition (since I love them so much!):

When I had Ava, sitting in the hospital while she was in the NICU, no other comfort to me than food, was a whole box of cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon. Now, don't go and google how many calories are in one, because that's beside the point. I loved this gift. As much as I LOVE (love, love, love) flowers and balloons and the cute little bubble gum pretend cigars that my dad got for my husband, I loved this gift. The hospital food isn't the best. You are exhausted. And in the middle of the night which seems like daytime to you... all you want are some sweets.

When buying a house, you need a lot of stuff! Lots of it. Stuff you didn't even know you needed. But when you buy a foreclosure or bank owned house, the house isn't as clean as you'd like it to be. As exhausting as it is to clean the kitchen five times over and over, it just isn't clean enough. Our lovely realtor has offered her house cleaner to deep-clean our house (including the blinds and window panes!!!!!!!!!!!!) as our house warming gift. Now this has to be pretty expensive, but we love her and she loves us (we are friends in non-buying-house-real-life). I have always thought of doing this, but it always comes up too much.

Another way to help is to help pull the weeds! We had *at least* 15 bags of weeds that were pulled from front and back. My lovely FIL and my mom helped make that number possible. :) Without that help, we'd still be pulling. :)

As always, as a new mom or bride to be.. the most important consideration to a gift is the gift receipt. Aren't I right? The stores just aren't as generous as they used to be or don't think enough of you inserting that 'we're registered here' into your shower invite. Please, please, please give a gift receipt. The stores don't issue credits like they used to.


  1. at target if it is on your registry then they will return it no questions asked. So if I got something that didn't have a receipt I would just add it to my registry online, then return it.

  2. You are so smart. I did the same with Babies R Us too. Thanks for the comment and idea I forgot!!