Thursday, September 15, 2011

How do you say: 'you were born very early' to a 3-year-old?

The girls and I were sitting one night on the couch looking at pictures. Pictures of birthday parties, pictures of their Nana, pictures of Emma as a baby, pictures of Lucy and Sabath, and pictures of Ava as a baby.

Ava became very upset about her baby pictures. She was sort of afraid (for a split second) about the NICU pictures we have of her. She didn't like them. She said "noo, mommy! That's not baby Ava, that another baby." I wasn't sure of what to say, in the proper wording so I wouldn't freak her out.

I told her that she was born so very little and that she had to be kept in the hospital so that she could grow and grow and grow. That she needed the bandaid on her face so she could eat through her eating tube.

Right there, "No mommy! That's not baby Ava. This is baby Ava" (pointing to a picture of baby Emma).

I'm wondering, what are the right things to say and explain about just how special she was and still is, to a 3-year-old?!


  1. Maybe ask her what she doesn't like about the pictures? I think it's fine to say the truth in a nice way, and say it's nothing to be ashamed of. She needed extra care and that you guys loved her no matter what and are so glad that she's a healthy, beautiful girl today because of it.

  2. For some reason I take a picture of Elyssa each time she's been in the hospital for her Asthma & now the Diabetes. When she sees a picture I tell her she is a special girl and special girls need special care sometimes.

  3. Thanks ladies, that's great advice! I think its important to document everything even if it's scary or something that is painful.