Thursday, September 29, 2011

'Look what I found, daddy!'

Ever hear those words sputtered by one of your offspring?

"Look what I found, daddy/mommy/Grandma/etc?"

It's usually a boogie, bug, or an old, dried up raisin that resembles a boogie.

Well, let me take you on a hilarious short story that I was just told by my wonderful, loving husband (based on my awful memory).


While sitting in the barber's chair at my husband's hair cut, my girls were sitting very nicely watching cartoons in plastic, waiting room chairs. All was well with the world and they are usually better behaved when they are with him.

Until he heard this:

Ava: "Daddy, look at what I found, daddy!" racing around from the other side of the corner of the waiting room.
Daddy: "What did you find, Ava? Bring it over here!"

Ava races back to the waiting room side and brings back her treasure for daddy.

(Can you guess what it is?!)

Ava: "Look daddy! Look what I found!"
Daddy: "What is it? Who's is it?"
Ava: "It's Emma's. Emma did it."

Daddy thinks it's a chewed up piece of tootsie roll that she found on the ground. He holds it or gives it back, I'm not sure. I'm guessing he throws it away.

Ava: "It's Emma's!"

Once the haircut is over, he goes to Ava and smells her hands.

It was a piece of poop.

Daddy is speechless.

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  1. Hahaha. I love poop stories. One time Elyssa told me look mommy look. I said whats that in your hand. She said my poop from my room. She told me to go put it in the potty. LOL