Thursday, September 15, 2011

Potty girl Emma! .. take two!

I have a goal this week, starting tomorrow. A goal I've had since Emma was born.

I am going to potty train Emma this weekend and will hopefully succeed.

My plan is to do what I did with Ava. Take off the pull-ups and let the girl roam free. She has her big sister to cheer her on and for moral support (and to share the win for those tasty, colorful M&Ms).

Wish us luck! This is the hardest week (besides the first week of infancy). The days of having to bring numerous outfits everywhere we go, changing peed on clothes in parking lots and lots of frustration.

Let's go EMMA!!!


  1. We let Elyssa roam free at home but I'm always to chicken to take her to the store without a diaper (She doesn't like pull-ups). So I know I'm the one holding her back. Now with her Diabetes she has gone back to not wanting to use the potty at all so we are back at square one. :( Next month my goal is no more diapers! Good Luck to you! Hopefully I can do it next month too.

  2. You have a lot on your plate. I'm thinking of doing a later post. OT sucks knowing what you are going to be dealing with, but it gets easier.