Sunday, February 13, 2011

Look at her grow..

Here are the photos that go with the previous posts about Ava's miracle story of her birth (after the jump!)
Just a few days old, under the blue lights! Her hand, my thumb.

A week old!

2 1/2 weeks old and back in WC from Oakland Kaiser! YAY!

Daddy holding a two week old Ava

Three weeks old

Four weeks old

One of my faves

First outfit!!! ROCKSTAR!!!! (Three and a half weeks)

Second outfit! Four weeks

She sleeps like the Foremans!

Daddy and bright-eyed Ava (2 days shy of being one month old!)

Daddy helping out with the feedings (five weeks)

Miss Ava featured without her feeding tube (five weeks)

Passed the car seat test! Ready to go home (five weeks)

The Gutierrez family!
The day before Ava came home from the hospital
August 26

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