Saturday, February 19, 2011

Better late than never

My Christmas pagent, Christmas Eve and Day have been on my memory disk... until now! And I shall share what a magical holiday season we had this year! Having an almost two-and-a-half and one-and-a-half year old made this past season exciting, memorable and amazing!!! It made me realize that I get to start my own traditions ... ones I grew up with.. ones Martin grew up with.. and new ones that I always wanted to do.

My niece's preschool class

Ava met and didn't cry when she saw Santa!
I was a proud mama!
We celebrate Christmas Eve at my parents' house with my whole family and niece. The girls got SPOILED!

 Then went home and opened presents from mommy and daddy!

Main hit gifts from us where the rainboats!!! (Above Emma having a tough time getting them on! :) )
Christmas morning! Santa came.. he ate his cookies and drank his milk and the reindeer ate their apple (didn't have carrots)!

We then went to my grandparents house (GG and Papi to the girls) with all/most of our cousins! Played dress up, ate delicious food and then opened gifts!

After GG and Papi's house, we went to Martin's families' house, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures. Boooo!!! We had a great time and had a Merry Christmas!

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