Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ehh.... 'better way of eating' life, if what we have been doing in the household since the end of January. We promised to each other (Martin and I) that we would start eating better Jan.1. And well, that came and gone, and we didn't... and we just ignored it. Since the end of January, we've been eating good and counting calories and writing everything down. It was hard at first, but it's gotten a lot easier and we give ourselves a break on our day off today (Wednesdays). Now Martin is a rockstar when it comes to dieting and eating better.. because he really DOES it. He will go and run five miles and eat ONLY *** calories a day and LOOSE a ton of weight, whereas, I do diet and I write everything down, but I can't limit myself to not consuming treats. And I've come to a list of diet-friendly treats which was 'low' in calories, etc. but haven't lost jack. But I'm happier. Feel better and am getting more energy. I feel it and it makes me happy.

Why this pertains to this blog is because, I really try to not focus on myself feeling fat or overweight or that it is an issue so the girls don't inherent that from me and have more issues than I do later in life.

And for the record, it's REALLY hard to eat better when you have toddlers that request "donuts" and "juice," on a hourly basis. For the record, Ava considers 'donuts' anything that is bread-like and sweet.

I think from now on I will just prepare their food and eat their scraps. Could that be made into a fab diet? Book deal? Don't forget who you heard it from first! :)

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