Wednesday, April 18, 2012

High as a kite

I never want to see my kids in pain. I also never want to see my kids high.

Well, both of those happened today.

The girls had dentist appointments today. Ava had two cavities to be filled and Emma just had a cleaning.

We had been anticipating this appointment for months with Ava. Two dentists told us she needed conscious sedation. That costs $200 and is not covered by insurance. We had a horrific expedience with the first dentist who kept the girls in the cleaning room without me and who was going to tie down my kid.

We go to an excellent dentist now where we used to live, which is about a 30-45 minute drive from our house. He's smart, nice and firm in his beliefs and knowledge.

Seeing Ava on this medication was awful. I know it's silly to say that because there are many other ways it could be worse. She was as high as a kite. I know she wouldn't be able to go through the filings with just the laughing gas, and I was prepared for how she would react to it. But a mother's love is strong and you want to be in control and keep them safe. And I knew she needed these filings to keep her healthy. But I wasn't ready to see her giggling at the ceiling, her eyes glossy, or seeing her so relaxed that she couldn't walk or stand up straight.

After the procedure she was still pretty loopy. Important thing was to not let her chew her lip and try to get her to stay still. And after some smoothies and a little soft foods, she was acting a little better, except for being fussy and clumpsy.

But I tell ya, she's a rockstar. After a long two hour nap (rare rare occurance) she was up and about. Playing, trying to ride her bike, hungry and fighting with her sister. (Although, she was trying to ride her bike after we got home. ;) )

Kids really teach you a lot about life and how much stronger than they are, or how strong you really are.


  1. Bless her heart and yours :), seeing your children vulnerable is always difficult. Drugs are scary for anyone at any age. I never had that option of sedation, my step-kids were older and my son's never had cavities, miracle right? But I'm thinking I wouldn't make the decision without full thought to the process and finding a competent doctor, like you did. That being said seeing my child dopey on drugs would be a concern for me too! Hugs!

    1. Your comment made me feel so much better. Thank you so much!

      And I never had cavities until after my youngest was born!