Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fairies, wings and princesses ... oh my!

Without further adieu, I present you a photo essay of my Ava's 3rd and Emma's 2nd birthday party!

We jumped!
We met the horses next door!
We learned how to fly from Princess/Fairy Eevee.

We got our faces painted!
Birthday princesses!
And made balloon animals!

Happy 3rd birthday, Ava!

Happy 2nd birthday, Emma!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet little fairy princesses!

  2. How cool are You!! How fun. Fairy Princess Party good idea. You're girls are so lucky to have a great mom like you.

  3. Wonderful! Wish I was there - those cakes were gorgeous! xo

  4. Thanks ladies! Actually the candy on the cake was very tasty with the cake. The best thing about the whole fairy/princess thing was there was no "theme" or having to but expensive licensed products.